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"When god became lonely
he created man,
Or was it
When man became lonely
he created god."
-Melanie Exler strengthenizer  (via mirroir)

Where do I begin? My boyfriend and I moved in with his parents over in Farmington. There’s fucking broken glass just about everywhere, and anthills. I miss how lush and green Durango is by comparison…plus the pot. Noone really smokes weed, they just drink themselves retarded. We literally saw a guy passed out right on the sidewalk by Safeway. It’s 10 degrees hotter there and it doesn’t seem like much but I can feel it…So I mostly stay inside with our daughter. Noodles and I tried to make it work like in Durango, we tried to go to the soup kitchen and some big obnoxious (surprisingly sober as far as we know) dude said I was pretty and tried to grab my waist but  I slipped by him and stood by Noodles so he tried to fight him and we had to leave. We met some kinda cool people by the park we live by, but yea they’re the kind who like to be drunk ALL the time so we don’t even hang out with them that much.

Living with Noodles’ parents is awesome. They’re the sweetest people ever, and ridiculous at times. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of love there, everyone loves June, she’s going to be spoiled for sure. We’re already planning trips to Disneyworld and next year this girl is going to Las Vegas!

With Noodles I have learned so much about myself, and him haha. I’ve been able to break down to my lowest point, and he’s always been there to put me back together and having that makes me feel stronger than ever. I feel enlightened, I’ve been able to open to him about just about everything and I’ve seen his heart too. I feel like one of those recovering alcoholics who want to go around making amends with the people they hurt in the past. I’m so happy now I can’t even begin to describe it. I feel…accepted. All my flaws and goofiness, and they still treat me with love and respect. In fact he told me he loved me, besides the day my children were born that was the greatest moment of my life, and I told him I loved him too. Who knows what’s gonna happen next?

I love that I have someone to have everyday adventures with that I don’t have to feel guilty about falling in love with..i could be as silly or as serious or as bitchy as I want and he can be as lazy and bratty and, ugh, aggravating as he wants but at the end of the day we know that we both love each other and that’s the greatest feeling in the world. There’s no grudges or built up hostility, when we argue everything comes out , one of us storms off but we always come back and then we talk about it and apologize. Then we laugh at the latest Dwayne Johnson movie or Shaq commercial (use gold bond) or if he accidently spits in my face when we’re talking we both start a spitting fight.

So, I guess I just wanted to let all my friends and family know without making an insanely long facebook status that i’m doing ok in Farmington as hot and dry as it is. My daughter is doing just fine, there’s the WIC office right near where we live, I love where I live right now and I’m in love with the man im living with ^-^ until next time, Joye awaaaaay!!!